Mission Statement

We provide an abstinence based programme to help people address their addiction and maintain a healthy life style and improved relationships

About Us

HHR provide a supportive and caring environment with services that deliver proven clinically effective outcomes. We offer specialist clinicians who will devise an individually tailored addiction treatment programme for you. This will ensure that you achieve your best possible outcomes with us.Our staff are friendly and will try and make your stay as comfortable as possible.

If you would like to visit, with a friend or family member, to help with your decision, you are most welcome and a visit can be arranged by calling our number and speaking to a member of staff.

One may wonder if you even have an addiction problem. This is the time to call and speak to our specialist members of staff. There is a member of staff here 24 hours a day 7 days a weeks they will listen to your situation and will offer expert advice, over the phone, with no charge.


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Our Approach to Treatment

Our teams of addiction specialists provide treatment for single and multi-substance addictions, including alcohol, drugs and stimulants, we work closely with you to identify the patterns of destructive behaviour and social impact that the addiction has upon your life and the lives of people closest to you.

Residential Stay

How long do I stay?

Each Individual is different however, Helping Hands is not regarded as ' a quick fix’. As we work on getting to the route of the problem, as we wouldn’t want the problem to resurface, you'll find the time goes by quickly. It also depends on the extent of the problem.

Get Referred

Seek help for you or a friend

As private clinics, you can access our services immediately without waiting for an NHS referral. Many clients with no medical complication will be admitted within 48 hours. Depending on the accommodation you prefer, we can also offer upgraded options including private rooms, en suites.